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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Two more up and running

Not just any two either, these are both web - cam sites, the Flooded Site and New Cam.

I have been watching both intently and although on Flooded site I can just about see the edge of the tray and consequently her tail and primaries sticking out, I can confirm on body language and behaviour she is incubating.

I would say she laid on March 20th very likely around mid day, from then on she stayed on the tray occasionally moving, and being fed by the Tiercel, but more often than not part of her was viewable.
This one is particularly satisfying given the drain blockage and subsequent flooding that resulted in the tray disappearing under 8 inches of water. From earlier posts you will know that I was getting doubtful due to lack of appearances by either bird, I even found them on another structure and thought that was it.

The call of the breeding site however proved too strong and back they came, a big well done and thank you to all those involved for responding so quickly.

A Tiercel peregrine on the attack on Saturday, 3 Crows ventured too close to the nest site

I also got sent a photo from the alternative camera on the site, they have located the pairs stash site on the structure, the photo showed Woodcock and female Teal, the former no doubt taken nocturnally.

In London, of the sites that I monitor, Woodcock has been found in all prey stashes so it’s not just one or 2 pairs hunting nocturnally, I think its regular with many or even all on clear nights. Much has been said about artificial urban lighting assisting hunting at night but do they need it with their eyesight?

It could just be reaction hunting – hear a bird(s) calling and then fly up in pursuit or more intentional – clear night I’m hunting.
I suspect that even without artificial light they would hunt nocturnally anyway, urban or rural, it’s just that the artificial London lighting likely pulls in more migrants and it comes to notice more.

Who’s to say that other A to B pursuit hunters like Merlin doesn’t hunt nocturnal migrants?

New Cam Site

I nearly saw this one, she laid on March 20th just after 5.00pm, I knew she was near it from the fact that she would not leave the nest box.
As I write this it is hammering down hard so thankful that the box is giving her an easier time of it, putting my hand out of the window and you realise how hard it is, they are tough birds but even so I must admit our ever changing conditions likely cause some failures.

As you probably know I am not up on all the technical computer stuff but I do intend to start posting video’s soon, I have about 30 peregrine related ones so will shortly venture into the unknown, YouTube.

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