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Sunday, 30 March 2014

All sitting tight

As of today it looks as if all have completed their clutches and are incubating nonstop, no more eggs to come by the looks of it, New Cam and Flooded site are also sitting tight so now the wait for hatching.

New Cam - 4 eggs as per last year, Tiercel now 10 years old - these were taken on March 29th

Falcon settled down for the night

Christ it comes round so quick, next thing I know we will be ringing them again, ‘ DP ‘ turning up at Norwich was a successful story with the ringing program and very satisfying, I know many don’t make it.

DP being rung in 2012, she was the biggest of the brood

There is a site in London and the pair involved has given me no end of pleasure, one day I will be able to write about it but suffice to say all the mitigation involved for the pair, and there was a lot, it was radical and it worked.

It is a story I hope to be able to tell soon, some of it is quite amusing.

Female on the charge dispersing Crows on Saturday

Trying to stay with her was another matter

Crows are smart, they always head for low level

What of the Parliament pair, well they are on their nest site and looking where the Tiercel was sitting this morning (Saturday) points towards them going back to the Tray, this will please a lot of people as last year they laid in a position not ideal.
Their nest site building later in the year is due for demolition so a new building will have to be found, there Brunel nest box on Parliament has been ignored, as stated before available areas on Victoria Palace dictated position.
I have a meeting there next week to try and find another location for the box, if I could get it up higher I think it would have chances of being accepted, and perhaps a more conventional nest box.

In late 2013 I approached Westminster Abbey, the Abbey as we know is used by the pair nonstop, it’s always been in my head as an alternative nest site, from the top, the 3 Tier wide circumnavigating ledges make it one of the most perfect sites I have seen for adult and juvenile peregrines.

Unfortunately although the Abbey was very keen to accommodate the pair, the daily flag raising and lowering was always going to clash with the Schedule 1, it’s a shame as I would have been very confident of that being accepted. Well done to the Abbey for letting me up there and for their efforts in trying to get it off the ground.

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