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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Norwich Peregrines - Ringing Recovery

You may have recently seen on Twitter that Norwich Peregrines had an intruder, these days not unusual I am glad to say, especially in London, it means that peregrines are doing better than in years gone by.

What made this sighting significant is that I was present at the ringing of this bird in London, the bird, a female was kindly rung by John Black on May 23rd 2012.The Norwich Peregrines website and cam is well worth a visit and the photos below of ‘DP’ were kindly taken and forwarded by Chris Skipper. See for further info. 

You always wonder where they end up, did they survive there first winter, are they still in London, how far did they go before they found an area of their own, the list goes on.
Unfortunately some recoveries are dead ones so to get the news of this female, I remember her well, she was enormous, is fantastic news.

From various e-mails there was some confusion over the colour of the ring, despite showing ‘DP’, on other photos it appeared white, this was put down to the light.
Additionally when Chris sent me the photos, she appeared to still be in immature plumage, I must admit this threw me as she appeared to show brown tones, she should be in adult plumage, again a trick of the light.

As you can see great photos below showing the orange ring from which she was identified.

Down South early layers

Following on from early last year when I made a nest box for a coastal site which was accepted by the pair successfully, I can confirm that they are again using it.

Even better they laid an egg this morning around 6.30am on March 19th, this is 10 days earlier than last year so it is possible that the mild winter may have encouraged early laying.

Photos below, thanks go to Rod for forwarding them.


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