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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Red Kite Poisoning - more persecution

This unfortunately involved an Irish Red Kite which was found dead recently in Vartry Reservoir, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, it has been confirmed as being poisoned with alphachloralose.
The bird, only 14 months old was wing tagged and known as Blue Red 42 was part of a reintroduction project to restore Red Kites to Ireland being formerly extinct in the Country.
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It is quite obvious the laws regarding Birds of Prey in this country are not and nowhere near strong enough, trying to bring the culprits to justice is very hard and proving it is another matter, you only have to look at some events in other parts of the British Isles. This Red Kite was found, imagine how many are not, or are ‘disposed ‘off, look at the plight of the Hen Harrier, 1 pair in England an absolute disgrace.

For an up to date view of the amount and levels of persecution Birds of Prey are facing click on Raptor Politics and Raptor Persecution Scotland on the right, both are doing a remarkable and sterling job highlighting the oppression against Birds of Prey. In this modern age it is unbelievable that this is still happening, you have to ask why the Government has not put in stronger measures to stop it.
With recent events including the licensing of an Estate to cull Common Buzzards so that more Pheasants can be shot,( a non native species) it doesn’t give you a lot of faith in the powers that be.                                         

Hopefully they will catch the person(s) responsible for this latest event in Ireland, looking at the photos below is a very sad sight.

Thanks to Jim Wells and Marc Ruddock of the Red Kite Project for allowing me to use these photos.

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