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Sunday, 27 January 2013


January 26th 

With a forecast giving bright sunshine after rain I was optimistic that I could maybe get some photos, if they didn’t scarper.With the recent cold weather, snow and perpetual grey skies, the sun was more than welcome, you suddenly feel better and the world is a better place.
It obviously affected the pair as well, after a brief bout of hunting from Big Ben by the Falcon, both then retired to sunbathe on the Palace of Westminster.

Tiercel above - Falcon below

Arriving just after dawn courtesy of London’s roadwork’s and diversions, I made my way straight to Middle Tower, sure enough the Tiercel was tucked up on the eastern face, even better the Falcon was on top of Big Ben. Pair located, half the battle so I took a few shots, not in great light as yet it has to be said. 

Falcon on Big Ben or whatever they have called it now.

I watched in particular the Falcon, the spire on Big Ben is favoured as a hunting perch, I was hopeful of perhaps some pair hunting. After about 20 minutes with no movement 2 Jackdaws came through, I watched them as both were a relatively rare bird in Central London, when I looked back she had gone. Not only that he had gone as well, as mentioned in previous posts this happens to me a lot, you look away for a second and they slip away. 
They had not taken after the Jackdaws, not their normal prey, as I would have seen them so I up anchored and went searching for them.

By now the sun was up and clear blue skies were everywhere, I was optimistic; especially if both had gone that they could be with prey on the Abbey, this proved negative. Broadening the search I went into Victoria Park, bingo, both birds in close proximity on the east facing corner.
It soon became evident after 30 minutes that both, if they had been hunting had packed up and had decided to preen and sunbathe. It gave me an opportunity to take a few photos of them in situ, I then settled down to wait them out. The position they were in would hopefully give me some good shots as they flew, as they say the best laid plans…


Tiercel calling and getting ready to go

Falcon ditto...

After an hour when both had stopped preening and the Tiercel started to call and move around, I thought he is going to go and got the camera on him ready. As I did out of the corner of the other eye she went, tried to get on her, failed miserably, swung back to see him going away also, missed him as well. 
Cocked the shots up completely, I would like to say it was the Lens not being quick enough to focus but more like me not being quick enough.

After a short while both came back and settled on Middle Tower, I left them to it, a good morning and quite enjoyable just watching behaviour, like me they were enjoying the weather.

Pair after on Middle Tower

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