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Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Sunday January 6th

I visited on Sunday January 6th in the usual overcast grey murky skies, more so as it was foggy so I was not expecting great photos for the morning, after the last few visits I would be happy just to see and get good views of the peregrines at Parliament.

Even the top of the eye was in Fog

A 'flotilla' of Cormorants at dawn

Arriving at dawn I checked all over Victoria Tower to no end, they were not on it, so I checked the Abbey, again I drew a blank and returned to Parliament. The time now was 8.17am and I was beginning to think they are not here so I did another scan and found them, they were both on Middle Tower and tucked away so well in the murk I had overlooked them. 

The pair from the side before they flew

Middle Tower

Tiercel - blending in well

I decided I would get a better view from the bridge, they were round the side of the Tower so I walked round, Sod’s Law I got round there and they had both gone, this happens a lot to me, I move when I should just stand and wait. 
I returned and hung around the square and shortly later I got a brief view of the Falcon at 8.36am heading for Westminster Abbey‘s wide ledges with prey, I located her and then went into the Abbey Gardens to get a better view.
I found the Falcon feeding with the Tiercel patiently waiting nearby, the position both were in was ideal for photos, just a pity that the weather was so foul.
Prey was a feral pigeon and after a while the Tiercel started to make a bit of noise to hurry her up, no doubt he was hungry but such is the domination of the Falcon she was not going to share it until she had completely filled her crop.

Westminster Abbey 

Pair on 2nd ledge below

Tiercel waiting patiently

Trying to feed

Falcon laying up after feeding

I managed to take some video showing the Falcon finishing feeding and the Tiercel trying to get past her to the prey; it also shows how awkward they look when they run around on their talons, at times comical. As yet I have not sussed out how to post video on the blog but hope too soon. 

Whilst watching them I also attracted the attention of 2 American ladies, looking through the binoculars and telescope they really enjoyed the pair and watched for a good while, very nice people and good to spread the Gospel.

At 9.20am the Falcon let the Tiercel past and he settled down to feed, I then made my way to Victoria Gardens Park ,I was hoping that she would come over and lay up, better grey light so to speak, unfortunately she stayed on the Abbey and that was that.

She was still in this position when I left around 10.00am, a good visit and great to see them present.

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