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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


22nd September

It’s not very often that I go to Parliament and don’t see a peregrine even at this time of year when breeding is now over and Falcons do seem to wander or explore their territory more?
This morning looked to be going that way after failing to find a peregrine from dawn for a good couple of hours, the weather was great for photography with bright blue skies but the birds had become camera shy unfortunately.

Of the juvenile seen in August there was no sign, if he was still around I would have expected an adult nearby.
In the end the day was saved by the Tiercel arriving from the west, he came into Victoria Tower, perched up, crop was fullish and that was it, siesta time.

Saving the day

With the Tiercel now in a state of sleepy contentment bought on by a near full stomach that was it, hopefully they will not be so hard to see next time.

I visited another well-known site last week and had the fortune to watch and photograph a female Sparrowhawk, she was seemingly’ playing’ and interacting with some mobbing Crows and Magpies for over 25 minutes.

The usual Crow and Magpie mobbing

I should explain that it is a peregrine site and the resident Tiercel had left and was not in the area otherwise the light hearted mobbing by 6 Carrion Crows, 2 Magpies and the Sparrowhawk would not have taken place.

Turning the tables on the Magpie

Magpie grabbed by the tail

Fiesty female, good for her

Needless to say he returned after a while and cleared all, the resident Falcon, having fed early a.m. just sat and watched the proceedings. She took no part in the interaction (about 50 metres away) and made no effort to ‘clear’ her territory, perhaps as she had not successfully bred this year and the territorial bond was not as strong. On the other hand she very likely sees it as part of a Tiercel’s workload being the dominant partner.

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