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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Out on their own

Over the weekend of the 25th/26th I visited 2 sites that had both been ringed and DNA sampled in May. One site produced 4 juveniles and the other 2 juveniles; of the larger clutch one juvenile was unfortunately lost but the remaining juveniles all were on their respective sites in mid-August.
After visiting both sites last weekend, all have gone there merry way and set out in the world, the first year will be the hardest and some may well not make it but some definitely will.

Seen at one of the Peregrine sites - Sparrowhawk

Both its English name and scientific name Falco peregrinus means ‘wandering Falcon’ and the juveniles most certainly will wander trying to avoid other Peregrine pairs in and around London. Hopefully they will get through the winter and possibly pair the following year, it’s a rare event that they will pair and breed the following year, but if paired it’s more likely to be the 2nd or 3rd breeding season. It is likely that as all were reared in the City as there natal site, they will likely try and find an urban area to ‘hold’ to.
This year 13 juveniles are carrying the standard BTO silver ring along with an orange ring signifying London, if you see them, if possible read the ring and contact either myself at or my colleagues at If not readable just take a note of the birds location and time, hopefully we can then trace it back to its nest site and a ringing return from the BTO can then be forwarded to you.

Juvenile showing the orange leg ring

As yet I have not been able to get back to Parliament but did visit a site at dawn this morning (Sunday) to check on a pair who went AWOL earlier in the breeding season. Glad to say they are now back on station, there is a big possibility that they bred elsewhere as their timing is perfect as most juveniles have now gone their own way.

Parliament - left to right, Victoria Tower, Middle Tower and Big Ben..Battersea Power Station in background

I recently had a chance to visit the London Eye for the first time, it was quite an experience and below are some photos from the Eye looking towards Parliament, it shows Big Ben, then Middle Tower and finally Victoria Tower.

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