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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ups and Downs

Having just returned from Bulgaria, as a birder it is a must, 16 species of bird of prey no less, it was again catch up time with the Peregrines in London.
As you can imagine it is hard trying to keep a diary going as you cannot name sites, especially if the diary participants (Parliament birds) move site every year. Due to their nest site location I am reluctant to take photos of the birds and draw attention to them; I have taken photos in the past but nothing that hopefully gives the game away. As mentioned before it is not an ideal area to be walking round with optics.
If they were at Parliament it would no doubt be easier, this may well happen in the future as the nest site building may well becoming under threat from Contractors.
This year they have 4 juveniles, hopefully all will make it and fledge without mishap, I expect them to start visiting Parliament around the 1st week in July, the adult Tiercel may well start visiting earlier to get away from the ‘ kids’.

Elsewhere on the pairs that I monitor, there have been successes and failures, the regular sites mostly coming up trumps but worryingly 2 pairs have gone off the map from their regular nest sites. These are the 2 pairs mentioned earlier in the blog, I have spent the last 2 month’s trying to locate both of these pairs to no avail, it is easy to read more into it with the persecution they face in other areas of the country. It could be simply a case of moving site but knowing the area and basically every suitable building within their territory it does make you wonder, why move from a successful nest site location? Both sites offer no disturbance issues so you do tend to think along more sinister lines unfortunately, this is the England we live in, raptor persecution is a threat, especially up north.
This weekend I am hoping to get to the Parliament birds to see how they are getting on, fledging is now very close, 2 of the 3 Charring X birds have taken the plunge, see below for the link.

I have also dug up a photo taken last year of a hybrid that I think possibly may be the same bird that was seen recently in April holding to a Peregrine site. Looking at both photos I would say it is likely the same bird, the moustachial cheek markings seem the same as does the plumage and jizz of the bird.

This photo was taken in 2011

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