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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Catching Up

Since returning from Spain last Sunday I have been out and about checking on the peregrine sites that I monitor. With all the recent bad weather it was likely that some would fail, sadly this proved true unfortunately. The exposed sites succumbed to the relentless rain and winds and goes to prove the case for a nestbox, it is no coincidence that the successful sites had boxes or trays or were covered by some part of a structure.
Having an insight into the webcam at Charring X both inside and out shows the extremities that Peregrines have to deal with, I know this is true of other species as well but very few will lay eggs in such exposed positions with little or no nest site drainage. The fact that they will just make a scrape in a ½ of dirt is always going to be perilous with egg chilling/rolling a constant threat in bad weather.
It also make you realise just how many nests, not only peregrines but other birds as well, which must have been lost to the weather.
Tragically Nottingham lost 3 of its 4 chicks this year, the weather played a big part again unfortunately; it was also not helped by the Tiercels disappearance for a day.

A flat out Tiercel, wings folded for maximum speed is an impressive sight

With prey, this time a Starling

So far this year of the ones that I keep an eye on, 2 have been lost to bad weather with 2 others moving site for one reason or another; plans are already afoot to give each of the failures a nestbox. Of the other 2 I simply cannot find them, both have moved from their traditional nest sites, and with a 2 mile or more radius for their territory they can be hard to find. Hopefully they will come to light.
I have not commented on the Parliament pair for a while, but after a visit this morning at their breeding site, I can confirm that they have chicks judging by the adult’s behaviour. I will be visiting the site for another look on Tuesday.


Falcon putting the brakes on

With all the warmer weather earlier in the year it appears that not only did Charring X lay there 1st egg early(March 14th) but another site also did, this site’s chick are even more advanced than the CH X juveniles and I would age them at around 3 weeks.
If this is the norm for this year in the south and London, it could be that the Parliament birds may well have followed fashion, we will see on Tuesday.

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