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Monday, 1 August 2011


Sunday July 31st

I always said that Peregrines are unpredictable, right from the start, behavior unfortunately differs from one pair to the next, such is the case with the Parliament birds. Based on last years activity and behavior when they returned to Parliament around about July 10th, I expected this years return to be earlier as they fledged and were stronger at an earlier date than in 2010.

Last years brood was 4, 2 females, a male and in betweenie which I could not sex due to size, it was in between male and female.

No Peregrines so something scenic

The difference this year is the 2 males, they appear to be calling the shots and are not returning to Parliament, consequently both adults are being pulled back to the natal site or where ever the 2 brothers are. The other juvenile, the female, usually dominant, as from earlier posts, has roosted and has been at Parliament on many occasions, she is on her own, the greater numbers of the 2 brothers pulls the adults of Parliament all the time. If she wants to be fed she has to go also.

On Sundays visit, I gave it a couple of hours from dawn, the only bird present was the adult Tiercel, I found him at roost on the north side, at just after 5.00am he left flying south. I waited another 30 minutes just in case one or two of them were having a late one, but no birds appeared. I then decided to visit the nest site, this was empty also.

Tiercel at roost
With the warm weather the adult female and juveniles could have roosted anywhere within there territory, there was little wind, it was a clear warm night.

As they were not at Parliament and have not been on a number of occasions, I suspect they have another structure within there territory that they favour highly, it could be that there is a good prey source nearby.

A number of people are still waiting to photograph/film them against the backdrop of Parliament, unfortunately the Peregrines are living up to there unpredictability and keeping everyone guessing, including me.

I have no doubt they are visiting every now and then during the day, they are just not staying.

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