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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

August 28th

I visited slightly later than my usual dawn visit after previous visits showed them not to be present, if they were, they promptly left. I am pleased to say that they now seem to be present all the time after popping in last week for a quick visit, this visit, as with last Sundays visit showed both adults and a juvenile female still present.

Falcon in flight (click on photos to enlarge)

Falcon over Victoria Tower

It appears that the 2 juvenile males may have struck out on their own already, they do wander a lot so they could still be in the area, it just seems that they are not at Parliament with the adults unlike their sister.

Trying to find a Peregrine on Victoria Tower is hard, too many nooks and crannies

Falcon resting up
On arrival on Sunday, around 9.00am, I located the Falcon, Tiercel and juvenile female all laying up on Victoria Tower, both adults looked like they had fed, little by the looks of it from there crops. It looked like the juvenile had not fed due to her persistent calling and begging. Despite this they ignored her, I suspect that they may be trying to encourage her to go .To confirm this the Falcon flew a number of passes in front of the juvenile, possibly trying to entice her out to fly and hunt or it could be that the Falcons bond is now not so strong and she may be trying to edge the juvenile out.

Believe you me, its taken a long time to get this photo, light could have been better but cant complain

The 'classic' shape
It seems to differ all over London in times when they leave the natal site, much depends on prey availability, and there is certainly no problem with this in London.


Good to see the adults back, it will be interesting to see if they will visit the new nest box, if so, at this time of year it may be used to stash prey, then again they could ignore it totally, time will tell.

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