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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Saturday July 2nd - where art thou?

I arrived at Parliament at 4.15am, the weather was perfect for a change, with this I was hoping that they were present and I could take advantage and get some good photos. As with the best laid plans, they had not read the script, and despite a thorough search up to 4.40am, it was quite obvious they were still at the nest site.

What 4.30am looks like at Parliament (click on photos too enlarge)
I decided to head that way to confirm and also being Saturday, I was hoping that I could find a spot away out of the public view, especially as many were just turning out of the nightclubs. At this time of morning many of the revelers are the worst for wear, and although mostly harmless, you do have to be a bit careful when you are carrying a lot of gear around London.

I eventually found the perfect spot down a private road with no public access which was a dead end, it gave me good views of the site.

Juvenile Herring Gulls

I could hear the juveniles before I arrived, all food calling so it looked as if my timing looked good for some photography and to record some action. For my pains I had also ‘ set up ‘ just below a nesting Herring Gull, both adults gave me a hard time even though I was a good distance from there 2 curious juveniles.

Male juvenile with prey

Defending it from other male
It was apparent straight away that all the juveniles were flying strongly, eventually found the remaining 2 sitting on adjacent buildings. The adult Tiercel was hunting constantly, he killed twice, the Falcon once. Juveniles have sussed out that it is better to intercept the adult as it comes in with prey rather than wait and perhaps lose out to a brother or sister, hence some of the prey is being food passed.

Male with sister and brother trying to take prey

Peace after feeding
I suspect after watching them for a few hours that they will make the journey to Parliament pretty soon, there is now a few people waiting for them to arrive, including a film crew on Thursday, hopefully they will ‘ make the jump’.

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