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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Back! July 9th and 10th

At last it looks as if they are back although there hunting habits and behavior of juveniles seem to be in contrast at the moment from last years juveniles. On both days, after early starts, the juveniles followed the adults no doubt on hunting expeditions further afield, possibly bought on by a lack of localized prey. Like most pairings, the Tiercels in particular have favoured hunting areas, if prey does not pass by in the immediate core area, in short, go looking for it.

Juvenile dozing

Falcon - also dozing

Tiercel resting also
From what I did see of the juveniles on Saturday and Sunday, all were flying strongly before disappearing following an adult. On Sunday I waited for quite a while after seeing the whole family embark on a hunting expedition, the juveniles fighting and playing amongst each other whilst striving to keep up with an adult. On Saturday it was likely they had killed further afield and were possibly laying up after feeding elsewhere, juveniles along with adults, unusual, as more often than not, they will lay up on Victoria Tower.

Falcon on Big Ben

On Friday July 15th they are due to be filmed against the backdrop of Parliament, hopefully normal localized hunting will be the norm, the juveniles will put on a show like last year, and the weather will be good.

I took this at an adjacent Peregrine site, it shows a male Peregrine driving off a female juvenile, very likely the female from Parliament.
Good to see them back, quite a few people are already aware of them around Parliament, you might miss seeing them above, but you cant fail to hear them, great stuff!

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