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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Parliament pair - June 5th and recent photos

I have been logging on to the web cam at all hours trying to gauge the juveniles progress, especially over Sunday when the persistant rain started and continued on into the night.

On Sunday after visiting another nearby pair, unfortunately these have failed for the 4th year running, I popped into the parliament pairs nest site to see if I could see any of the young from the outside. Both adults were present, the Tiercel arriving as I drew up with the Falcon resting higher up.

From behavior everything looked well, could not see the young, they will now have a good covering of feathering that will protect them from the elements, at this stage they will certainly be too big and will not need brooding. Whilst watching the pair I stayed in the car, it would be good to get some photos of them outside but unfortunately it would very likely draw some attention to the pair. I will have to wait until they return to Parliament, last years return date was for me, July 10th, this year they seem more advanced so it could possibly be earlier.

All photos kindly supplied by Nathalie Mahieu, thankyou.

As you can see growing fast


The 3 young, 1 just about visible on the left
There return is being eagerly awaited, with a number of people wishing to film and photograph them against the backdrop of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. I have been asked by the site Parliament Police when they will arrive back, last years noisy adults and juveniles have made a lasting impression.

Calling for food

Looks like a male

Developing well
The pair it seems are becoming quite well known, they have even been mentioned in parliament and have also featured in the in House magazine, Focus.

Parliament official Thomas Maher has named the birds after the architects who built the House of Commons and the House of Lords, Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin.

The Falcon has been named Charlie and the Tiercel has been called Augustus, a fitting name for a male Peregrine.

Also whilst visiting a few sites in London early a.m on Sunday I came across a Kestrel family, by the look of them it wont be long before they fledge.I must admit the little mouse 'hawks' have always been a favourite.

2 of the 4 juveniles

Waiting for food

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