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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Parliament Juveniles

June 10th and 11th

Nathalie has again very kindly sent me some photos of the juveniles progress, as you can see, it will not be long before they fledge, very likely around 16th onwards.

Not far to go ( all photos Nathalie Mahieu )

Developing well

Waiting for an adult with prey

Exercising for that all important day

Last year there were a number of us monitoring them from dawn to dusk, fortunately in 2010 there were no serious mishaps of grounding of the Parliament juveniles. This year many pairs have got there act together, myself and others of the London Peregrine Partnership are going to be stretched covering all the sites, all seem to be coming out on the weekend of the 18th onwards. Fingers crossed that there is some wind over that weekend to give them some lift, at the moment the weather is ok as long as it doesn’t get too blowy.


Chilling out

With the Parliament pair likely to fledge earlier, it is on the cards that they will return to Victoria Palace even sooner than expected, possibly before the end of June. When they return I will again be able to get some photos of the family, updates, hunts etc…. as mentioned earlier in the diary it is not wise to do it at there nest site.

Must admit this a favourite, taken by Nathalie, all 3 juveniles sound asleep at night

Will update again over the weekend, hopefully with fledging news.

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