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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


The pair are now on territory on last years nest site and are on eggs, information has very kindly been forwarded to me by Nathalie Mahieu who has been watching developments and there progress.

As you have gathered they are on web cam and until today I have not been able to access the site, there is nothing wrong with the link, it is my lack of knowledge when it come to computers, I suddenly hit a brick wall, unfortunately you cant teach an old dog new tricks.

Nathalies progress report is listed below.

March 25th – 1st egg laid at 8.30pm, this was witnessed by Lyndon Parker

March 28th – 2nd egg was revealed at 1.00pm

March 29th – still 2 eggs

March 30th – 3 eggs seen at 8.35pm

April 1st - 4th egg laid

There possibly may be more, unless you can see a nest relief or either bird changes position whilst incubating it is very hard to see. Well done to Nathalie for putting the time in and witnessing it. Hopefully everything will go smoothly as per last year.
Last year the 1st egg was laid on April 1st so we are just under a week early, there seems to be no reason for this as other pairs in London this year are late.

I was present at the site on Sunday April 10th and the Tiercel had his hands full with the local Carrion Crows, when a Raptor, especially a large one appears, Crow squabbles and territorial disputes are all forgotten, and mob mentality takes over. None will challenge him in the air near the nest site, being intelligent, they know this is dangerous, if he lands on a building they will land near him and try and intimidate him with numbers.

If all goes well will shortly be putting the webcam on the Blog.

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