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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Parliament March 17th and only in London

A rather misty morning found me standing opposite Victoria Tower at 5.50am.We are now getting very close to breeding so was not that hopeful of seeing the pair, I suspected that shortly they will leave Parliament for there nest site building. For those of you who are not familiar with the pair, they do not breed on Parliament, they move to another structure come breeding season, this has occurred for the last 3 breeding seasons.

A nest box designed specifically for Victoria Palace is shortly to be unveiled but unfortunately has come to late for the breeding season of 2011, time will tell if they accept it, it will be very hard luring them away from a successful nest site. Parliament is there ‘ core’ structure, I have no doubt they would rather nest on Victoria Tower but they fledged 4 juveniles last year on the breeding building, this will be imprinted on them. Additionally in 2010, as soon as they were able, the adults bought the juveniles back to Parliament and there they stayed.

Victoria Palace
Back to this morning, pleasantly surprised to hear and then see the Tiercel emerge from roost at 5.56am, just about seen in the half light, but definitely heard, contact calling very loudly presumably aimed at the Falcon, to see if she is present?

After a brief fly round the Tower he headed off, the direction he was taking left me in no doubt where he was heading, flight was not a hunting flight, so it was very likely the breeding site. I gave it another 30 minutes, with no sign of the Falcon, or the Tiercel before heading off to the other site.                                                     

On arrival at the other site it proved the correct assumption with the Tiercel already on a kill and feeding, of the Falcon there was no sign. I gave it another hour, during this time, he finished feeding and laid up with still no sign of the Falcon.

I recently received an e-mail that a pair already had 3 eggs, very early, usually around March 28th in London. With the non appearance of the Falcon, it is not beyond the laws of probability that she could be incubating, time will tell.

There is a web cam being set up shortly, this will give us a lot more much needed information, will also post the link address as soon as I have it.

Only in London

Following on from last years transvestite who waved to me in Victoria Garden Park while he/she was putting her make up on, I had another encounter with a normal looking chap at around 6.40am in the morning.

Quite amusing , especially to my wife, anyone who knows me will tell you I am quite old fashioned,as follows.

Walked into the park and noticed a chap messing around with something on his head on the other side of the park. Ignored him, did think what's he up to and scanned for the Peregrines. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him walking towards me, thought tourist, wants me to take his photo, wrong.

Chap – can you help me?

Me – If I can mate.

Chap – pulls out 2 gold earings

Me – (thinking does he want me to buy these?)

Chap – can you put them on for me

Me – what!

Chap – I cant get them in my ears, can you put them in for me.

Me – basically on yer bike with variations

Chap – Why?

Me – because I’m a man and you’re a man and men don’t put earings in to other mens bloody ear holes, fullstop . Can just imagine a copper coming around the corner asking what you are up to, just putting his earings in for him PC, yeah they’re really going to believe that aren’t they.

Chap – stormed off

Me – standing there sniggering to myself thinking why do I always attract them.

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