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Wednesday, 30 July 2014


July 27th

On the off chance I popped in after visiting Battersea Power Station to see if I could catch up with the pair and the juveniles, a previous visit having proved bird less.
I can usually find them; admittedly I have not been covering it as much this year but they are very site faithful once they have come over from their nest site.

Visiting later in the morning means that you have likely missed any hunting activity, it was also warming up considerably so I set about trying to find them; if they were present they were likely resting up.

As luck would have it I found the Tiercel straight away, like anything you get to know their favourite ‘armchairs ‘ and this was the case this morning, I had seen him on this statue before.

History was never my strong point at school, too busy bunking it to go fishing but to me ‘she ‘appears to be an angel holding a shield and wearing a crown.

I suspect that this is a significant historical reference to someone, or is it? there are 4 of them on each face of Victoria Tower all similar.

Whoever she may be her wings provide the perfect place to rest up for the Tiercel, he looked settled so I searched for others.
After a look over the rest of Victoria Tower I failed to locate any more peregrines so searched Middle Tower, sure enough the Falcon was resting up and also looked settled.

Just about viewable on right hand side

Of the juveniles there was no sign, I can’t see them having left already so likely just laying up unseen somewhere.

Next week, weather permitting, I hope to get some photos at a higher level, hopefully the whole family will be present, we will see.

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