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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ready for another year

Blimey it comes round so quick, in the last week or so with all boxes now done and dusted, I have had at least 4 pairs copulating, with a laying date last year around March 10th, here we are again with barely 5 weeks possibly to the 1st egg.
They all came under licence on February 1st and this will now remain under licence until mid July, sometimes longer, much depends on the laying date and obviously successful breeding.
Since the clean outs I have had time to check all the Boxes/Trays and very satisfying to see one or more birds re- entering their respective nest sites since the clean ups.

Below are some photos which Nathalie kindly sent me showing the Balcony and Nest Box at Charring X,although it took them a little while to go back in as you can see its looking good.

Pair copulating on a lot drier Balcony

One thing which I did notice from the photos is that the Balcony appears to be drying out (see Charring X Nest Box January 27th) whether or not this is down to less rain, which I simply can’t believe, or the drain modifications I don’t know. I am hoping that it is the adjustments the chaps from Industrial Abseiling did have cured the standing water problem.

 All photos are copyright of Nathalie Mahieu, thanks for there use.

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