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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hybrids Update - still looking

The other morning I spent 3 hours searching for the 2 hybrids after John Archer quite recently saw them, they were together again on July 19th over East India Dock Basin as per his entry in the London Wiki. It is without doubt them and the fact that they are still together is very interesting, they have bonded and are no doubt a pairing. Finding them is another matter, I know where to look north of the river, but unless the dynamic duo are holding to a territory, and this may be the case, it is very hard to locate them.

Saying that, and as I have said before, she is very hard to miss due to her size and colour. So where are they and if not territorial how far are they ranging, also the fact that they disappeared bang on breeding time, did they try and breed?
More questions lead to more questions, If there ranging far and wide why are they not being picked up by birders, my thoughts are that they are holding to a south of the river site.
If anyone see's these bird(s) I would appreciate a comment or you can contact me directly on

Green Colour Ringed birds

One of the sites that I monitor this year fledged 4 juveniles, a good brood, this is the site where the same juvenile grounded twice,’ AL’ see Friday 14th June – Catching up…again.
Of this brood 3 remain, 2 have been identified as ‘AD' and possibly  'AJ' with the 3rd as yet still not identified, is it AL? If it is not maybe he rode his luck too much, unfortunately there will always be casualties as I have said before but by and large it has been a good season for the pairs that I monitor.

Below are some photos taken by Paul Hawkins and Les Harrison of 2 of the juveniles, fingers crossed they get through their first winter.

                               Paul's photos

Paul's juvenile 'AD '

                                Les's Photos

Les's juvenile likely 'AJ '

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