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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

So where did they go?

Back in February/March –see Looking Good – February / A pair of Hybrids March 11th and Still together March 12th I found 2 Hybrids that appeared to have bonded with the smaller presumed male displaying for all his worth.

Have I seen them since? not a sausage, they quite simply disappeared; if they were around I would have expected to have picked them up given the area that I cover monitoring peregrines in London.
Additionally London has a lot of Birders, the smaller presumed male may be mistaken for a peregrine at distance but there is no disguising the size and colour of that stunning ‘female’, in short if still in London I would have expected her to be seen. As far as I am aware there has been no mention of Hybrid(s) on the Wiki’s or Forum’s so I am at a loss as to where they went after holding to a ‘territory’ and being easy to find.

Stunning looking bird

The 'pair'

I can only presume they have gone out of town, if still a pair, perhaps to another urban area, it just seems unusual that they disappeared right at the start of the breeding season. Coincidence? I really do not know, are they capable of breeding? Again I do not know, will they stay paired? Lots of questions but unfortunately no answers. It really interests me, as far as I am aware, 2 hybrids escapes have never bonded in the wild?

The 'male' in full display

The 'female'

The 2 together

My worry at the time was that if capable of breeding, would they eventually get into the London Peregrine genes, I even contacted Falconers with an aim to try and catch them probably with a lure. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you want to look at it, they went before this could be put into action but I have to admit I miss seeing them, they were both spectacular looking birds and quite breath-taking to watch.


  1. could it be the 19th July sighting at East India doc

  2. Rob, Hi and thanks, without doubt it is them, away last week so didn't check the Wiki. Will have a look in the morning. Thanks again

  3. Thats a cracking looking bird!

  4. I know Shaun, stunning up close.