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Friday, 14 June 2013

Catching up...again.

As mentioned in other posts, surveying work at the moment is a bit hectic working away and not getting the chance to blog, as the post say’s catching up when I can, mostly at weekends so I will start with last weekend, June 8-9th.

Last weekend I at last got good views of the Scaffold pair nest box and am very pleased to say there are 3 juveniles present. They look good for 2 males and a female, as you will see from the photos “she” is markedly bigger, they looked around the 3 ½ weeks old mark. I daresay it will not be long before they go exploring further than the balcony provided for them, a whole roof top awaits them as soon as they are mature enough to fly up.

Looks good for 2 males and a bigger female

If all goes to plan, and it has so far with acceptance of the nest box, the pair will be on webcam next year; plans are currently afoot for 2014 for CCTV in the box and outside.

This pair has given me a lot of satisfaction the way they took to the nest box very early; it’s not usually that easy. To see everyone’s hard work come to be realised involved in the project is very rewarding, especially as they were flooded out and failed in 2012.The satisfaction comes from knowing you have made a difference.

I also got news during the week from the “ Down South Pair,” the 2 juveniles have now been ringed and recorded.Glad to say all went well, and hopefully as it looks a good exercise and fledging area to practice on, there will be no grounding when the big day comes.

In regard to grounding, also this week, another site decided it was time to fledge on Tuesday, as usual a male, he thought the time was right and consequently came straight down from 14 floors up.

This site hosts London’s new colour - Green so a photo was taken off him on the deck which shows the letters AL, a big thank you goes to the owners of the site for catching and boxing him up, and then returning him back up to a higher level where he will be fed. For obvious reasons I can’t name the site, in an ideal world I could but unfortunately that day is a long way off in regard to Wildlife Crimes in this Country.

Unbelievably what looks like the same male came down again on Wednesday but instead of landing on site he made it next door, again he was caught, boxed and returned. This little chap would have likely not made it but for the intervention of the site owners, I understand his landing position was not ideal, in a very small cul-de sac. At this age and not yet having the wing strength and confidence to get out of a tight corner, it is unlikely he would have survived.

Given another chance

So, a big thanks from me and I am sure the little male is grateful for a 3rd crack at this flying lark, he belongs in open skies.

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