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Monday, 15 April 2013

The Weekend

Back from New Zealand late afternoon on Saturday, a fantastic trip to see my family and am now starting to feel the jet lag, so if I waffle a little bit bear with me.

I was out at dawn on Sunday to check on the sites, very pleased to see that the nest box featured on February 2nd update has now been fully accepted and she is inside incubating. This is what makes it all very worthwhile and gives me a lot of satisfaction especially as this pair have failed a lot due to the weather.

Sitting tight

Elsewhere other pairs are sitting tight and one in particular I fully expect to hatch early, they may even shade Nathalie’s Charring X birds for hatching dates. 

On the Sunday I also looked for the hybrid pair, no luck but admittedly it was only a fleeting visit, I will put in more time this coming weekend.

The (pair)

Also, whilst visiting a site today where the resident Falcon is incubating, an intruding immature Falcon appeared and gave the resident Tiercel a very hard time for well over 20 minutes. Sometimes it looked as if he was really going for her in earnest, but in others he seemed not stressed at all. Paired Tiercel’s can be flirty so I suspect this was the case. Not last years Juv's either as these were ringed.

Unringed female intruder sparring with resident Tiercel


Tiercel returning

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