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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Still Together

March 12th 

I managed another look in the morning, both still together with the regular hybrid still doing his utmost to impress what I now suspect to be a female with this much display. Display which, while I was watching for 2 hours was ignored, there was no attempt at ledge display as in peregrines, and the new hybrid, again if a female made no pretence ‘of offering herself for copulation, again as in peregrines.(She) also made no attempt at joining him in the sky. Being hybrids it is hard to gauge what species they obviously are and what fits in as a normal pair bonding routine, is her, if it is a her ignorance of him based on a settled partnership or is the new larger hybrid a male also.

Regular giving it the full works, upside down

Still trying

The (pair) ?

Lots of questions arise and I will monitor them very closely, obviously the main worry is always going to be if they do succeed in breeding, if a pair is what they are, that the juvenile(s) get into the peregrine gene pool, this cannot happen.

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