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Monday, 18 February 2013

New Nestbox 2

On February 2nd I blogged about a new nestbox that had been fitted, I was also optimistic that the pair would hopefully take to it.Its always in the back of your head regarding peregrines, will they reject it, is its position ideal for juveniles, how long will it take them to come back to the ledge now it looks different, is it facing the right way and so on, some pairs can be unpredictable at times. Sometimes circumstance dictates its position.
I blogged that you never know, they might accept it in 2 days, I was wrong it took 2 weeks, possibly sooner as you can’t watch them all the time.
On Sunday I visited the site, I located the Tiercel on his usual ledge and then looked at the nestbox, low and behold out comes a waddling Falcon, I’m still grinning it usually takes longer.

Heavily cropped photo of Falcon after she came out

She then just rested up and dozed, that was where I left her 30 minutes later. Of course being in there and resting up next to it doesn’t guarantee egg laying, nature is nature but if they are in it again this week the grin will be even broader. 

Coastal Site 

Last week following on from the first batch of photos, I received the 2nd batch; even better news is that she has now made a scrape in preparation for egg laying.

Ledge Display, look how low shes standing, scrape made

Even roosting next to it, possible site for nocturnal hunting also due to light

Again thanks to the Landowners for allowing me to show them. 

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