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Sunday, 11 November 2012


Saturday November 9th

With a forecast living up to its prediction I visited Parliament in the morning in constant rain, in truth I was not expecting much, and so it turned out, I didn’t even see a Peregrine. They were obviously more sensible than me and had no doubt retired to a dry covered ledge somewhere; they were certainly not on Victoria Tower.

Halfway through the search for them I walked around to Westminster Abbey and came up short as I entered the lawned area in front of the Abbey.
A sea of crosses, literally thousands, were laid out representing people of the Forces and many regiments of unknown soldiers who lost their lives in both wars and other conflicts.
I was on my own as it was just past dawn, standing there you realise what a massive debt of gratitude you owe to each and every one of these people for keeping our country free of oppression, but for them we would not be here would we?

You cannot fail to be moved by the sight of all those crosses for Remembrance Sunday and what they signify, sadly a life lost.

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